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Sleep Disorder Treatment

Sleep Disorder Treatment in Indore

Sleep Disorder Treatment in Indore for Adults & Adolescents

At Healing Minds, we offer sleep disorder treatment in Indore. Sleep disorders can be really tough to tackle, but we believe that when you are ready for change, nothing can stop you from becoming healthy again. So when we say we have a strong team of psychiatrists and therapists, we are not kidding. We believe that you need more than just a doctor to help you out.

You need someone who understands your condition, someone who will be able to relate with you, someone who can help you understand what’s going on and make it easier for you to accept the fact that you’re sick. That’s why we’re so passionate about our services; we know that we’re just the people who can help you get well again.

What is Sleep Disorder?

Asleep disorder refers to a set of symptoms that cause disruption to the quality of sleep, including problems like snoring, breathing irregularities, waking up frequently, and waking up too early. Although some sleep disorders are not serious, others may be signs of more serious conditions. Sleep disorders include: sleep apnea (which includes obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and restless leg syndrome), narcolepsy, parasomnia, and, other sleep disorders.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Disorder?

As the name implies, insomnia is characterized by difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep. People with insomnia experience symptoms such as anxiety and stress, chronic pain and headaches, depression, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, lack of energy in some cases, cognitive decline, impaired judgment, loss of productivity at work and school, relationship problems, and suicidal thoughts poor appetite.

What Are The Causes Of Sleep Disorder?

Sleep disorders may stem from a variety of factors, including lifestyle, environment, genetics, and hormones. The exact causes of sleep disorders are hard to pinpoint, but some of the most common causes include:

Diet – A lack of sleep or a poor diet can lead to more fatigue throughout the day. Eating before bedtime can disrupt your sleep cycle, so it’s important to eat a healthy snack to boost your energy levels in the evening.

Environment – A change in climate or altitude can affect sleep. If you travel frequently, consider packing a sleep mask and earplugs to keep out noise and protect your ears from jet lag.

Genetics – Certain personality traits may contribute to a higher risk of developing sleep problems. People who experience more stress, anxiety, or depression have an increased risk of sleep disorders.

Hormones – Stress and anxiety can disrupt the hormones that regulate sleep. These hormones are also disrupted by certain medications, such as birth control pills.

Sleep Disorder Treatment Options

For those with serious issues, sleep disorder treatment options in Indore include medications and surgery. Other non-medication options include cognitive behavioral therapy and lifestyle modifications. Medications are used to treat sleep disorders when other treatments do not work or the problem is severe enough that the patient cannot tolerate non-medication treatments. Sleeping pills are often prescribed for insomnia. These drugs are designed to help patients fall asleep and stay asleep without disrupting their sleep schedule.